Budget Marketing Programs for 

Small businesses & bootstrapped startups

Yes! We mean it. We understand that small business & bootstrapped start-ups often face difficult times in finding a successful marketing strategy. The one which keeps their costs low and helps them to kick start. So if you are a new small business or a just started bootstrapped start up then you are at a right place. 


We can help you devise strategies which will cost you less than other marketing options, all the while helping you grow and capture the market. Every marketing strategy, we deploy, gives you an edge among your competitors.


Digital Advertisement has brought in an amazing array of concepts never experienced before.


Digital marketing targets include Google, Social Media and tons of sites with vast online viewership.


No campaign can be effective without consultation on marketing strategies by industry experts. 

Ideas at work- Carpentry Startup

One of our clients called us with a brilliant start-up idea but with a marketing problem. He wanted to play as an aggregator of carpentry, painting, wallpaper mounting and decorative glasses in one of the well-known cities in Uttar Pradesh. He had listed himself with several top lead service providers in his city but has failed due to extreme pricing competition. 

Upon analysis, we found that he is offering a higher percentage share to his service providers but that has become detrimental to his business as it is driving up his cost to the customer and upsetting the balance in favour of his competitors. 

We suggested, rather than to compete in the open market with the retail market, where competition is high and profits are low, tying up with the B2B segment will be more effective. Today, he is successfully working with 50+ interior decorators with no requirement of day to day marketing. He gets regular & bulk orders from his B2B clients (in his case the Interior Decorators) and is able to service them efficiently. He now focuses more on delivery and quality of work rather than the marketing issue he had earlier.


Ideas at work -Education Start Up

An education startup that wanted to grow its student base for bank & other competitive exams called us up for a consultation at the beginning of 2019. They were trying to set up the online portal wherein the students can register and follow the online tutorials and take exams. Being a new player, they were finding it difficult to brand themselves as there are several well-known players in this field. Being a start-up they had a funding crunch and couldn't afford a huge publicity budget.

After analysis, we suggested him to first establish his tutorial's brand name before seeking out paid students. We suggested him to launch a Facebook group posting campaign (free) to announce the dates of upcoming exams and useful tips on how to prepare for the exams.  

Within a span of a few months, he had a sizeable follower list and has become one of the best sources of exam tips and dates. With the brand value of “a helping and trustworthy exam guide" he found no trouble getting students to enrol for his paid services.

In just a few months of his journey from “no one is enrolling in my program" he has moved on to "one of the most dependable competitive exam guide".

Ideas at work- A meal delivery Business

If you are not able to take stock of your competitor's marketing strategy and budget you may find it hard to stay afloat. In a classic case of a meal delivery start-up in a small town of West Bengal bordering Orissa, the entrepreneur ran into severe trouble and was finding it difficult to stay afloat. 

Upon analysis, we found that marketing cash crunch & lack of branding were two main factors. We suggested him to rather start with a stable tiffin service (which grows faster on word of mouth and requires very less marketing publicity) for the offices and PGs in the town.  This was a low competition business in his town as there were no direct competitors in the tiffin service field.

With good quality and timely delivery, he was able to grow his business from less than 4 orders per day (when he first consulted us) to 100+ meal orders per day in just 3 months' time. All he required for marketing was a targeted Facebook campaign, few innovative tiffin menu ideas, and few phone calls.

If you are not able to compete with bigger giants - find a niche they don't service and develop a kicking marketing idea to capture the segment.

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