Understanding your business

Step 1

We spend a great deal in understanding and analyzing a business. An in-depth understanding of the business, the environment in which the business competes with its rivals, the edge & weakness the business has- plays an important part in determining the future course of marketing action.

The marketing concepts are refined & tailored as per the requirement and the experimental stages are set in motion. This is a crucial phase which gives us valuable insights into the customer behaviour and interaction quality towards a particular marketing strategy and helps in fine-tuning it further.

Focus on Savings & Quality

Step 2

This is probably a myth that every marketing plan requires huge expenditure. Since we particularly focus on bootstrapped & small businesses, we focus on savings without compromising on quality. Savings are particularly important in the initial phase of the company operations wherein fund crunch is a critical issue. The idea is to start with cost-optimized options and then go on adjusting with the incoming fund flow.

Digital marketing allows us to accommodate various free platform options &  low-cost platforms to keep costs low during the setup phase of the company.

Analysis & Consulting

Step 3

 The progress needs to be analysed at every stage of implementation. External factors and future industry changes are also kept in mind while determining the next threat & opportunity for the business. Analysis of customer behaviour and trends is crucial for the success and vision of the company.

Consulting involves putting all this from the perspective of the business owner so that he/she is kept in the loop about what's happening with his marketing plans and his future course of action.


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