The Beginings


We had a humble beginning as an innovative local advertising agency in the northern part of the Kolkata city. We were mainly focussed on newspaper advertisement booking and running our own ad print with a circulation of 15,000. This is a first of its kind ad print wherein the focus was not only to deliver advertisements through means of paper but to encourage readers to visit our webpage for more information. 

Quiz, activities, opinions etc. on a monthly basis ensured a loyal reader base.

Innovation & Ideas

2017 onwards

By the end of 2016, the cash crunch was widespread in the market and the business of printing paper ads was becoming increasingly difficult. The only way to survive this difficult transition period was with the move towards the digital advertisement platform. Facebook ads were cheap & affordable, Google ads had less competition and LinkedIn was gaining ground. 

2017 marked a fundamental change in advertising strategy, from paper to digital. From delivery by person to delivery through ad settings. 

Go Daddy Reseller Program

2018 onwards

2018 was another fresh beginning in marketing for a big brand. This was the time when we came across several industry verticals and got an in-depth understanding of how different verticals work. 

Starting the discussion from the website making to ending up with their current marketing issues, opportunities & competition threats gave us a ton of insights into a variety of industry issues both in terms of marketing strategies as well as changes in customer perception & behaviors over the period of time.

Needless to say, the knowledge we have acquired over this period from the industry experts has given us a deep understanding & perspective of various industry verticals and helps us every day in strategy making.

The focus of 2020

In the near future

The last quarter of 2019 and 2020 are significant time periods of our next transition. We are evolving to the business strategies required to sustain small & early business along with bootstrapped start-ups within limited advertising & marketing budgets.

Hence the need for this new website to focus on the core idea- Budget Marketing Programs for Small Business & Bootstrapped start-ups .

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